App Strategy

All Roads Lead To Mobile

Have a big app idea to fit the small screen? The consultative approach of towards app building will help you take your idea to the next stage by consolidating the scattered pieces of thoughts and formulating a scalable mobile development strategy.

Our app development team works like an extension to your team and walks you through the different stages of the mobile strategy. Once we get to the core of the idea – a cross between user value proposition and your business needs, we’ll define your app’s minimum viable product (MVP). And if the proposed idea doesn’t solve the key user problems, we will walk a different path.

When all stakeholders are parallelly aligned on the project goals, we layout the app strategy.

Mobile App Strategy #1: High level Goals

We gather information like:
  • Determine what to build, and for whom
  • Identify and reduce unknowns
  • Optimize budget, schedule, and goals
  • Assess costs and timing
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Mobile App Strategy #2: Discovery Exercises

During our brainstorming session, we go through the following exercises:
  • Feature ideation, definition, and prioritization
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) definition
  • User persona and cases
  • Conduct Product positioning, technical, design, monetization, launch and post-launch reviews
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Mobile App Strategy #3: Deliverables

After we are done formulating your mobile app strategy, you have the following deliverables in hand:
  • MVP feature list
  • Recommended roadmap
  • Product positioning statement
  • User personas, technical architecture overview diagrams
  • Detailed estimate and schedule for Design and Engineering phase (UX/UI)
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Transform Your App Idea to Mobile Reality

Finding the Focus

If you have an app idea, does it fit the right app category? Our in-house app development team will help you do away with your fears with a high level functional requirements document, a focused project plan, and a cost proposal for complete app development.

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App Viability Check

After we have consolidated the idea, we wrestle with your business challenges and perform an app market check to ascertain the viability of your app. Our app building team looks for new opportunities that can add value to your app, and incorporates it in solution definition, and product release roadmap.

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Tech Consulting

You don’t need to worry about the technicalities of the app building process. Based on the platform to be launched, our team of creative engineers use advanced software to produce a bug-free code. You think about the bigger picture and let us manage the smaller details.

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Start-up or SOS

If you have just dived in the app market, you need to make sure you don’t drown. With our multi-disciplinary teams ready to poke and pull at your idea, you can grow in the right direction under our tutelage.

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Holistic Development

Are you stuck at the app design stage? Or deciding how and where to launch it? Contact us! We provide 360 degree support – Right from product ideation to design, development and marketing.

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App Building Timeline

Adhering to agile development methodologies, a timeline is decided for building your app. We create a delivery team, break down the development process in modules, plan, schedule, and begin with the project interaction and visual design, and produce prototypes that will reduce risk in the delivery phase.

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