Mobile App Marketing

As they say, it's an app world. The web just lives in it. Users spend a whopping 90% of their mobile time on apps. So how do you think your brand can best tap into these massive app-consuming audiences?

With a gargantuan number of apps on the market, the mobile ecosystem is already saturated and on the verge of explosion. It’s easy to get lost figuring out the most appropriate methods to market and promote your mobile app.

Succeed In the App Economy with App Store Optimization (ASO)

No doubt that you have an awesome app in store, but have you got enough downloads? Has the download and share routine already begun? Are the users excited about new updates? Can you hear the murmur of your app’s success? Not yet? Let help you boost your app download & sales now.

Right from brand messaging to PR, user acquisition, app store optimization, enterprise adoption and more, you will need all the help that you can get in your app marketing effort. You say the word, and we will have all hands on your deck. At, we make sure that your mobile app marketing plan will undergo a strategic and smooth implementation.

9 Core Elements of App Marketing

Brand Establishment

We find your target audience, connect with them and tell them about how your app can help them simplify things. With right words and attractive visuals, we create a brand message for your app. We know how to generate positive vibes!

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Launch Planning

Right Time, Right Audience and the Right Team! That’s all you need to have to have a good start to your app launch. Choose us!

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App Store Optimization

With 2M+ apps in the market, your app is a needle in a haystack. Optimizing your app for the app store can get it in top search results.

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User Acquisition

If you have a promotional budget, our team can help maximize user growth quickly and efficiently through various paid channels, like social advertising, and retargeting to possibly convert those potential users who did not download your app the first time, they visited your website or the app store.

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Promotional Campaigns

The first impression can make or break your app. We are seasoned app marketers. Through amazing app teaser videos, websites, and brochures, we make sure the word is spread.

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Public Relations

Media coverage can generate buzz in the industry, plus drive organic downloads. Reach a wider audience with app commercials on Television, YouTube and many other platforms.

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Social Media

Social media platforms are turning into wide scale marketing tools. And intends to leverage the power of every post, tweet, link, pin and more to help advertise your app.

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Community Curation

An app community is the best thing that can happen to your app. We can get the conversations going amongst your users and maintain an active community.

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Enterprise Adoption

Getting employees to agree upon new solution can be a tough job. Our team will help get internal stakeholders on board so that it succeeds.

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Prioritize App Marketing for User Acquisition & Retention

Marketing is all about getting your app noticed in the market. From generating downloads to building a successful mobile app business, we ensure that the word of your app is spread through proper marketing channels at competitive market prices. Our goal is to inch you closer towards the Walk of Fame in the app world by developing a solid app marketing strategy. How does go about it?

Pre-Launch (Timeframe: 1 Month)

  • Market Research & Competition Analysis
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Pre-Launch to Tech Influencers
  • UX/UI Design Consultation
  • Keyword Research
  • App Description Writing
  • App Monetization Strategy
  • Implementing SDKs and Analytics
  • Setting-up Social Media Sites
  • Pre-Launch Press Release
  • Campaign Reporting

App Launch (Timeframe: 1 Month)

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Announcement to Influencers
  • App Store Optimization
  • Mobile Media Buying and Launching Mobile Ad Campaign
  • Press Release & Distribution
  • Updating & Maintaining Social Media presence
  • Launching Creative Social Media Campaigns
  • In-app & Mobile Ad Management
  • Campaign Reporting

Post Launch (Timeframe: 4 Months)

  • Optimizing the app marketing Campaign
  • Optimizing app Description
  • App Reputation Management
  • Continuing PR Outreach
  • Managing Social Media Campaign
  • New Features Request & Development
  • Outreach to App Reviewers
  • Releasing Creative PR Material
  • Custom Analytics Reporting


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