App Development

Are you looking to develop a native app or cross-platform compatible web app? Which platform is your target audience more likely to use – iOS, Windows or Android? Do you want a secure backend and flexible frontend? Strong UI/UX focus? Want to ensure that your app appeals to your users and works for your business?

Where Others Strive, We Thrive!

TechnoScore created a new “App Ignite” program to meet the evolving needs of businesses, building mobile apps. Startups and large enterprises alike can benefit from a mobile makeover or a new UI/UX design prototype, get a MVP or wearable app concept developed. TechnoScore can deliver great results efficiently and quickly.

iOS App Development

We build beautiful apps and create experiences that users love. We have published apps in several categories on the Apple App Store, including eCommerce, Media & Communications, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Books, Utilities, and Games. Adept at Apple best practices, leveraging asset libraries, employing iOS controls, and from using objective-C to Apple’s new programming language – Swift, our skilled iOS coders have worked their magic in developing various apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. With minimalistic design interfaces, we ensure your iOS app fits right where you want it.

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Android App Development

Android market is fairly large and highly fragmented. The API rules are more flexible, but QA testing is more rigorous. Java coders at TechnoScore have extensive experience in creating amazing and user-friendly Android apps. From Android Cupcake to Android Marshmallow, we’ve been for a long time in this pleasant candy practice. As part of our app development process, we don't just create and quit, letting your app get eaten away in the cutthroat Android app market. Rather, we move swiftly from publishing your app on the market to versioning, upgrade and maintenance, and managing the product across its lifecycle, to getting insights into usage and tracking all aspects of its performance to ensure that your app adapts to the changing needs of Android users.

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More Responsive Web App Equals Greater Audience

A responsive web app/website creates a dynamic viewing experience for enhanced reading and navigation experience. With integration of HTML5 and JavaScript in our code, we make your app more adaptable to multimedia features, and make it available to a larger audience. Our engineers like to fit big ideas into small spaces, without disturbing its structural integrity. We aim at making your app responsive and multi-device compatible, irrespective of the device size or shape.

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The New Age: Internet of Things (IoT)

When we say, we ‘walk-the-talk with your app’, we are not joking! Consider your house talking back to you, and your car, and your shopping cart... How convenient can apps make our lives? Let’s find out! With the ubiquity of Internet, we are entering into a digital era where home automation is just another equation waiting to be extrapolated and applied to every household. And apps play a major role in it. You can remotely control and set up global functions for your fan, tube lights, and curtains, in minutes, and in whatever way it suits you. The engineers at TechnoScore have been experimenting with protocols like iBeacon, which allows us to build exciting new interfaces, analyze data and step into a new digital era.

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Apps and Wearables

People have started investing more in wearable technology over the last couple of years. The market of health, security and retail are being flooded with wearable apps. New age devices like smart glasses, watches, and fitness-bands need active support of apps. TechnoScore is currently involved in building attractive, resilient products for its clients for both iOS and Android. We plan to create apps for holographic imaging, facial eye recognition and other yet-to-be made devices. Let’s walk into future together!

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Mobile App Integration & Workflow

Our solid backend work will get you to the desired market fast, with the freedom and flexibility that you expect. Right from CRM integration, mobile payments, GPS, push notifications to storage and security, we provide excellent user management techniques, seamless connection with APIs, social media integration, cloud storage and much more. Connect with us! We’ve got your back!

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Why Hire Us for App Development?

Because In-House Teams Aren’t Always Enough!

Time is of the essence in the app market. If an app is launched at the right time, it can quickly spread the word and get you. When you need to move quickly and want to rope-in the best, you don’t have time to hire, onboard, and train greenhorns. This is where we come in. With a team of talented mobile app developers equipped with hard-core engineering skills and solid business acumen, we can build the work process, and scale our team to meet your project size. If you already have a small team in place, we can lend a hand and make sure that your project meets the standards you expect from it.


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