Mobile App Design

The design of a mobile app differentiates it from the millions of other apps in the market. Is it unique? Is it aesthetically pleasing? Does it engage the user?

App Design is the face of your app and our work. We house a team of gifted UI/UX designers who perfect the tiniest user interaction details, craft intuitive and engaging user experiences, and play with pixels the way they’ve never been played before. At, we follow a design-first, build-second approach in designing apps. And it works!

What's a Great App Design?

Fast-tracking the designing process is a rookie mistake. Over the years, we have learnt that investing in quality design from the start equals higher user engagement – a solid ROI. Mobile apps with sleek interfaces, clean typography, and intuitive navigation are preferred over apps with complex designs.

A great app design enables fast future updates, entices user adoption, and reduces support costs.

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Walk the Talk with Your App

A proven and reliable vendor choice, TechnoScore is committed in its mission to create smart, resilient products for its clients. We practice a collaborative app designing process, ensuring that we remove speedbumps and bring breakthrough performance to you on the whole thing, right from high-fidelity wireframes and clear visual designs to interactive prototypes.

With rapid visual prototyping, we look beyond the static wireframes and screens of your app and create a sensational app building experience.

This approach allows us to get a clear idea of how your app will behave on Android, iOS or any other platform before we build it. It saves money and time, both.

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Designing Process: UI/UX Design, Tailored To Your Specific Business Needs

Design Discovery

We evaluate your business requirements to identify your target audience, their likes-dislikes, and the possible barriers to app success. Our designers carry out an interactive session with your team to help innovate, refine and strategize a mutually agreed app design. We question every assumption and tear apart concepts until we reach a common ground.

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User Interface Design

Before presenting an app prototype, we develop user experience maps. They tell us about the proposed app’s functionality, better understand its key features and decide its marketing value. Either iOS or Android, you can always bank on us for creating a responsive web app design.

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Quick Prototyping

Once we have consolidated the app idea, we come down to building stuff. From structures, animations, great interface and easy navigation to responsive buttons, we bring your app to life. After a series of quick iterations and user testing, we handover the app to you.

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Visual Design & Branding

While creating your UI design, we’re also simultaneously building your app's visual brand. We tackle your user’s needs and wants, and tap into the pulse of your target audience. Using mind maps, mood boards and cultural trends, we work on what makes your audience happy.

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