App Analytics

Data is quintessential. But do you have right numbers to crunch? Will you perform the right tests? Look at a bigger app market while our mobile analytics team steers your product in the right direction.

Avoid Bad Data & Adapt Good Data

f your data turns bad, your app progress will hit a wall. But we won’t let that happen! Our data analytics team at performs a comprehensive scan of the market and gives you actionable insights into every aspect of your app. Your killer idea might get you a mobile app, but optimizing it requires a data-driven development process.

We dive into the pool that matters the most. The pool that asks questions like – What is the bounce rate of your web app? What piques user interest the most? Who are these users, and how did you acquire them?

Let's take a look at how right analytics can help you reach the target goal!

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Evaluate User Behavior

We believe that user actions speak louder than words. Through usability testing, we discover what works for your user, and what doesn’t. We monitor real users run their fingers through your app, and closely record their journey and behavioral response to your app. To effectively track user behavior, we pre-build data-capturing capabilities right into your app. How awesome is that? Next, we gather this data from a statistically significant user group over a couple of weeks, and finally give you strategic recommendations.

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Monetize and Optimize ROI

You need the right numbers to make the right business decision. Financial performance analytics will provide you with insights which can streamline your product iterations and ROI. We know the end goal of a product manufacturer is monetization – your mobile app generating revenue. So we strategize our business model (freemium, in-app purchases, etc.) accordingly, and evaluate viable opportunities for you.

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Measure User-Acquisition Performance

It's no surprise that the number of users of an app indicate its success. We can begin to track your users the second they click on any of your campaigns. Over a period of time, linking attributes from a user's initial click to their future activities, we can help you build long-term insights into your app users' lifecycle. We can utilize this data to figure out the returning users, the users who are meeting your post-install goals and the users who just abandon your app after a single use. Examining your user-acquisition performance data, can help you determine the websites and marketing campaigns that are bringing the most traffic and conversions, so that you know where to invest.

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A/B Test for App Optimization

Once your app has a big audience, you will need to find a way to optimize your app so that the users stay engaged. Through Our A/B testing strategies, we ensure that you don’t have to rely on your gut feelings, when you are about to make critical campaign decisions. We can create A/B experiments to test how your new sales deal, your promotional message, layout, color scheme, purchase price points, value propositions, social media connections, in-app messaging, placement of advertising, color options for buttons, or any other variation is impacting conversions, and whether it is across all users or just a specific segment?

Our testing mantra? Keep testing till you find what works best for you!

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