Case Study

Mittal Photobook

Photos on the Go

Photobook app with social media sharing and a unique photo flipbook experience.

Project Background

Event management firms have one of the largest consumer markets in the world. Be it a birthday party or wedding, a photo album makes any event memorable. A seasoned businessman, the client ran a photo lab which provided photo printing solutions to events like birthday party, bachelorette party, engagement party, wedding party, and other formal and informal events. The client wanted to capture the essence of those photos digitally.

In the process of looking for a firm which could work hand in hand with its team and create a photobook app, the client chose SunTec as its partner in undertaking this app development endeavor.

Client Objective

As an extension to its photo printing and album making service, the client wanted to build an app which gave its users digital access to event photographs. By creating a central repository of all the event photos, the objective was to allow users to share the album with friends and family on different social media platforms.

Project Goals

  • Native App Development
  • Social Media Integration

The Challenge

  • Allowing users to download offline copy: Since the raw images will be uploaded to a remote server, the image size should be at par with the storage capacity of the server so that they can be easily downloaded to the app.
  • Retain photo quality: The users should be able to download the full album to their mobile device without compromising image quality.
  • Creating real-time photo flipbook experience: To provide a seamless album viewing experience, the digital photo flipbook implementation should be smooth.
  • Content Security: Since the photos are private property of individuals, the sharing of photos between friends should be password protected.

Solutions Offered by SunTec

  • Created a user-friendly design interface for the app.
  • Rendered a smooth navigational path for the user to look, flip, and share.
  • Setup a dedicated server environment with enough memory and processor at clients place to get faster app response time.
  • Integrated social media platform – Facebook to increase app visibility through album shares.
  • Implemented deep linking protocols to ensure that Facebook shares redirected the user to the app itself, or to the app store.
  • Setup a system where the album can be viewed between two parties on mutual acknowledgement of an electronically generated access code.

Technology Used

Objective C & Swift For iOS App Development 
Android Java For Android App Development


The client was happy with the success of Mittal Photobook as it gave users a photo flipbook experience anytime, anywhere. Already a favorite among wedding planners and event management firms, this app has created a market for itself.
It is expected to incorporate additional features (like ………) as increasing number of users feel it gives an extraordinary digital photo album experience.

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