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Food Meets Travel /Itinerary on the Go

Smooth navigational features combined with easy-to-use UI – a travel itinerary iOS app to find new places, schedule travels and share with friends.

Project Background

San Francisco Bay Area has a number of restaurants, hotels and tourist spots which attract large number of customers. Working in the tourism and hospitality industry, the client wanted to help guide tourists in finding exciting places and make the most of their stay in California.

Client Objective

The client wanted to build an app that would help tourists discover restaurants, sightseeing spots and things to do in San Francisco Bay Area. The client objective was to allow users to create a daily itinerary they could share with their friends and family.

Challenges Faced

  • Prioritizing the day wise activities of a visit
  • Displaying the information on the basis of user’s current location.

Solutions Offered by SunTec

  • SunTec worked closely with the client, strategized the app development process, and assigned the project to the app development team comprising of Project Manager, UI, UX developer, iOS programmer and a test engineer.
  • In the initial stages of development, SunTec engineers integrated the database of the list of restaurants located nearby and their respective food menu. Integrated a detailed Map which displayed the location of the places client wants to go to.
  • Implemented a system that allowed display of events on the basis of user’s current location.
  • Created an interactive user interface with smooth navigational features to give amazing user experience.
  • Delivered the app to the client within 35 days after comprehensive performance and security testing.

Key Features

Itineria is a travel itinerary app which allows users to find new exciting places, schedule their daily travel plans, and share them
with friends and family.

Local Events Section

The user can select a particular category of his interest and find out events in the vicinity of his accommodation.

Food Section

Users can access this section to check the descriptive menu and opening and closing timings of the restaurants.

Travel Tips Section

App users can draw useful insights from this section related to the popular tourist spots in San Francisco Bay Area.

Direct Itinerary Print

Users can directly print, email or text their schedule from the app itself.

Technology Used

iOS SDK with Objective C for iOS app development


SunTec fulfilled client requirements by creating the utility based travel app – Itineria! It served as an excellent solution in helping tourists find new places to eat and have fun, thus making their hotel stay memorable.

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