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Explore Snowy Horizons

iOS app to engage with winter sports enthusiasts with in-built location feature and resort database.

Project Background

Through a combination of innovative board design and ideology, snowboarding is spreading from Japan to Europe, North America and India. Though this Olympic and Paralympic sport has a fledgling audience globally, it was missing a crucial component – a platform where snowboarding enthusiasts can connect and learn from each other.

While scouting for a firm which could act as an extension to their own app development team, the client partnered with TechnoScore to make the app development process smooth and fast.

Client Objective

Being a rookie snowboarder himself, the client wanted to build an app which could serve as a social media platform for snowboarders and skiers to showcase their skillset and create an online fraternity for winter sports aficionados. Not only would it serve as a great opportunity for those seeking to learn new snowboarding and skiing tricks, but make snow games more fun and interesting.

Project Goals

  • Social Media Integration for easy tricks video sharing between fellow iRiders
  • Native App Development for Android and iOS
  • Seamless Database Integration of available snowboarding resorts, individual score cards, a dictionary with snowboarding terms, and a list of things to pack before traveling to the snowboarding venue.

Project Challenges

  • Lossless Compression: For better streaming purposes, the video downloaded from the remote server should be of optimum quality.

Solutions Offered by TechnoScore

  • Performed articulate front-end optimization and implemented a bug-free code.
  • Used a media streaming server – Cloudinary for effective media hosting.
  • Integrated Facebook Graph API, Google social login API, and Google location API to determine location of the user, enable social media sharing and ensure secure login.
  • Implemented deep linking solutions for user retention and user acquisition.
  • Conducted a comprehensive performance test, usability test, and function test to ensure accuracy, completeness and efficiency of the app.
  • Built a customized video player(name) whichbehaves as an excellent viewing platform for the users.

Key Features

iRide is the ultimate app for snowboarders and skiers to connect, share, and at the same time improve
their skills by learning tricks posted by fellow riders.

Create, Record and Upload

Users can create a video of their trick, upload it, and share it with other snowboarders and skiers on iRide to get them rated and start gaining points.

Search and Add

Users can create a friend list and generate news feed of the tricks shared by fellow iRiders.

Progression Lists

Structured progression lists allow iRiders to see their skill improvement chart on local, national and global level.

Location Feature

iRiders can tag their location and add trick description and details to pump up score on progression lists and increase their fan base.

Battle Mode

Mutual friends can challenge each other and get their trick rated by fellow iRiders on a scale of 1-10. The videos with more up-votes wins the battle. System assigned battles help iRiders to learn new tricks and gain more points.

Fail Tricks

Missed a curve and tumbled while recording the trick? Got a video worth a laugh? Share it on the app and make new friends.


Highest rated tricks get displayed on the leaderboard. Cleaner the trick, more the number of points.


iRiders can track the elevation, verticals drop, altitude, and maximum speed of their trick and get rewarded with extra points and medals.

Find Popular Resorts

Users can find resorts located near popular snowboarding regions, get live weather details, and easily book their accommodation during the game season. They can even share videos of the tricks tagging the name of the resort.

Technology Used

Objective C & Swift for iOS App Development
Android Java for Android App Development


Since its launch, iRide has garnered tremendous user attraction. It intends to tweak its software and add extra features (like Progress, travel list, dictionary) to keep the users engaged.

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