Case Study

Fun Kitep

All Work and No Play? Fun Kitep on Your Way!

Solve interactive quizzes on short stories and fables on Fun Kitep’s user-friendly and intuitive design interface for Android.

Project Background

Today, the best educational games aren’t just tools for teaching. They show kids that education can be fun and instill a love of learning that will carry on throughout their lives. The client was looking to build a similar platform which encouraged kids to learn through technology and help parents foster a fun learning environment.

Client Objective

The client wanted to build an educational gaming app that could help kids sharpen their memory by taking interactive quizzes based on short stories and fairy tales.

Solutions Offered by SunTec

  • Working closely with the client, SunTec engineers charted a timeline for the app development process and assigned a Project Manager, UI/UX developer, Android programmer and a test engineer.
  • Implemented an attractive and intuitive user interface and deployed gamification techniques to encourage engagement with the quiz.
  • Successfully integrated support for three languages – English, Turkish and Russian.
  • Displayed a description along with relevant images to learn the stories which help children in attempting the quiz.
  • Incorporated an in-built music player with gaming and invigorating sounds.
  • Considering the length and complexity of the app, completed the app in a shorter timespan – 60 days.

Key Features

Fun Kitep is an educational gaming app that helps kids to improve logic and enrich their personality
through a series of quizzes based on fairy tales and short stories.

Player Ratings/Scorecard

Users are assigned points on the basis of their performance in the quiz.

User Guide

Users can refer an in-built instruction booklet to better understand the rules of the quiz.

User Profile Section

App users can check their ratings in the profile section and set a profile image of their choice.

Multiple Language Support

The users can choose their language of choice - English, Russian or Turkish to attempt the quiz. 

Any Constraints Encountered

  • Multi-Language Support: Manage multilingual text in User interface and align text accordingly.
  • Design modifications were time consuming as app demands layouts to be designed in accordance with the text and background.

Technology Used

Android SDK and Core Java for Android App Development


Already a favorite amongst both parents and students, this app has already gained a considerable market for itself. The app is expected to become a hit as an increasing number of users around the world feel it is a useful educational application that helps children gain confidence and learn technology simultaneously.

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