Top 5 iOS 11 Frameworks To Watch Out

With Apple introducing its latest iOS 11 frameworks, there has been a tremendous tectonic shift in the tech world. And iOS application development services are making the most out of these leading edge frameworks. They are now able to create innovative apps and share it with a wider target audience as advanced frameworks are helping them to easily deal with platform peculiarities.

So, what’s keeping iOS application development companies engaged?
Check out the top 5 hot favorite frameworks of iOS app developers –

1. PDFKit – PDFKit, typically written in Coffeescript, is a PDF document generation library that makes creating complex, multi-page, printable documents easy. The simple design of the PDFKit API helps you to manipulate the PDF documents in your applications.

2. CoreML – CoreML framework provides an API, where developers can provide a trained model and receive predictions. It decides on its own whether to run the model of CPU or GPU. And, it supports multiple types of models like Support Vector machines (SVM), neural networks, linear & logistic regression, and tree ensembles.

3. ARKit – With ARKit framework, you can create an augmented reality by mixing the virtual world seamlessly with the real world. Running smoothly on Apple A9, A10, and A11 processors, it helps to create virtual content (with both 2D and 3D effects ) over the real-world scenes and provides highly-accurate results in real time. It makes use of the TrueDepth camera to detect the topology, position and expression of the user’s face to create the appealing content. Additionally, it also analyzes the amount of light available in the scene and adjusts the light accordingly. Many iOS application development services came up with famous innovations like IKEA place, Housecraft, Measurekit etc. based on this similar framework.

4. Vision – With Vision framework, you can perform high-performance image analysis such as identifying faces and facial expressions (like smiling, laughing, frowning etc.), object detection, horizon detection, bar code detection, and classifying scenes in images. What makes it stand apart from other frameworks is that you need not be equipped with a high level of technical expertise to implement computer vision techniques. It also supports various other advanced features like finding regions of visible text, identifying the horizontal angle in an image, and processing images with the core ML model.

5.Identitylookup – With Identitylookup, you can identify and filter unwanted SMS & MMS without compromising on the user’s privacy. The messages app will take the aid of Message filter app extension to determine if the message is solicited. And in turn, the app extension assesses the utility of the message to the user with the help of built-in data or logic.

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