The iPhone Ecosystem Evolution: Say Hello to the future

The new iPhone trio is here, leapfrogging other competitors as is the norm. Clinging to the phenomenon of innovation, Apple has introduced multiple advanced features to keep its customers interested. Representative of a new benchmark for app development, the overall mobile app experience is set to be diversified. The provision for app development using cutting edge technologies makes the iPhone a market special with all eyes on it.

Users are excited to see their favorite apps run on the latest iPhone. But one has to be ready to cope with the conventions that Apple has set with its fresh releases. The features span a long way with much on offer in terms of user friendliness, innovation and value. Let’s look at the various features of the radically renovated iPhone versions:

1) Wireless Charging:

All the three versions of iPhone feature wireless charging. Your iPhone can be charged using a QI power charger. The glass body of the iPhone enables wireless charging. As of now the Qi power charger is available through third party options as well, but In the near future, Apple will launch its own standard wireless charger also known as AirPower.

2) Highly Secure Face ID

You can unlock your iPhone using the brand new Face ID feature. It is a highly secure bio-metric technology in comparison to the previously launched Iris scanner by Samsung which was in soup for compromised security. This technology scans the face of a user topographically to ensure that your phone cannot be hacked into by use of pictures. It is also “attentive aware” in order to avoid unwanted unlocking. This feature is currently not available in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus.

3) Better Image Stabilization with Powerful Cameras

Both iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus are equipped with a 12 megapixel rear and a 7 megapixel front camera. On the rear, they feature a combination of a monochromatic and a color camera. They impart high image stabilization, so you can say goodbye to blurry pictures. It also makes video shooting easier and more stable, with lesser shakiness. The camera app provides live customization in the updated portrait mode, so you can change the background and experiment with different lighting features while clicking pictures. The new iOS 11 also supports screen recording which enables a user to record activity in form of videos. It can be accessed through the screen recording widget.

4) Nearly Bezel-less OLED Screen

The OLED screen has been introduced for the first time in Apple phones with iPhone X. It enables each pixel on the screen to light up separately instead of having a general back lighting system for the screen. It also sports a higher 1125×2436 pixel resolution on a 5.8 inch retina display. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus both retain the traditional bezel look with an enhanced 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution in the latter.

5) Super Fast A11 Bionic Chipset

Creating yet another standard, the A11 bionic chipset boasts of being the fastest in the market. It makes the iPhone an operation powerhouse. It is Apple’s own proprietary hexa core chip, that has proven to be a better performer than its contemporaries from Qualcomm.

6) Swipe Based Interface

Apple did away with the previously existing home button in the iPhone X in order to accommodate more screen space.The latest version of iOS features a swipe based interface. It relies on swiping up from the bottom of the screen as the basic navigation unit as opposed to pressing the home button. However, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus still work on touch based navigation.

In addition to all these robust features, app development is on a progressive path with the latest iOS 11. Apple provides a variety of resources to make mobile app development a seamless process. With the launch of Core ML, a machine learning framework, you can aqcuaint yourself with more intuitive app development. The iOS 11 also supports the use of Augmented Reality by means of its ARKit. Which symbolizes the transition of app development towards future technologies. You can now live a wholesome experience with digital objects in your proximity.

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