Is Progressive Web App Development Need of the Hour

Progressive app development

Owning to their diversity of features, companies like Starbucks and Uber have launched Progressive web apps with great success. Many experts in the app development industry regard these apps as the next big evolution after the introduction of responsive web design.

A quick acquaintance with Progressive Web Apps

The open-source initiative powered by Google leverages web to deliver app-similar experiences and functionalities. In other words, it replicates quite a few advantages of native mobile apps to browser, thereby blurring the lines between the two otherwise different arenas.

Do they help in establishing a stronger business presence?

In addition to benefits to businesses in terms of cutting down the cost of developing native apps, ability to send push- notifications for real time communication and a host of other advantages, PWA development services can play a crucial role in terms of search- engine optimization.

Considering it in line with Google’s mobile-first index which implies that if you have a mobile-optimized site you’ll rank good in both mobile and website search results, the vice-versa being also true, with the help of Progressive web app development services, you can significantly enhance your Google ranking. This is because these apps follow ‘mobile-first approach’. It means that you can connect to your customers in a much better way and at the same time enjoy high ranking on Google deploying ‘mobile-first’.

The future of Progressive Web App Development Services

With the tremendous addition that it makes in terms of capabilities of an app, PWAs will soon become an integral part of mobile strategies of brands.

Gartner predicts that by 2020, PWAs will replace 50 percent of consumer-facing apps.

53 per cent mobile users abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. In such a scenario when the initial few seconds on your site make a considerable difference in determining its fate, Progressive web app development can serve as a blessing. Regardless of the state of network connectivity, these apps load instantly and offer fast-to-respond interfaces.

In the due course of time, the apps are expected to evolve to include more advanced features to make your digital presence more impactful.

Get to Know!

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