Hybrid apps: A Promising New Dawn of Mobile App Development

App development has taken several forms over the years, with mobile becoming the centre of focus for in the recent past. Increased smart phone usage has compelled business owners to opt for different avenues for mobile app development depending on their need. Hybrid development has shaped up as one of the efficient ways to undertake your mobile proceedings.

Here is why you should consider this particular development route for your business:

Easy on the pocket

As per estimates creating a hybrid mobile app incurs 30-90% lesser development costs than that of a native app. This way businesses can save a lot of money and fresh starters can stabilize themselves to a better extent. Besides development costs, the time taken to set up a hybrid app and test its performance is also lesser, reducing the waiting time till the app is good to go with normal work.

An effective option for multiple platforms

With hybrid mobile app development, developers have the flexibility to make your app run on any mobile platform. It is a simpler alternative to native apps which require entirely separate frameworks and coding languages to create a separate versions for separate platforms. In case of hybrid apps these constraints are absent and without going through the tedious procedure of creating an app from scratch in two different languages, developers with a few code changes can make an app fit to run on any platform of your choice.

Interactivity and marketing perks

The main ingredients involved in creating hybrid apps are open web technologies like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. These technologies are already in the hot-spot for their versatility especially when it comes to create interactive content and responsive applications. These technologies help to make your app more interactive and engaging for your target audience. Another aspect of hybrid apps is that they can be used to run small forms of HTML5 based content within the app that can be useful for marketing and promotional purposes, opening an alternative way of targeting audiences during app usage.

Ease of maintenance

Maintaining an app reminds us of rigorous testing, debugging, releasing updates and a constant cycle of development work. Hybrid applications allow developers to take a breather as the process of maintenance isn’t that much of a pain as compared to native apps. The code re-usabililty factor makes it simple to manage hybrid apps and also making any modifications and additions is fairly straightforward for developers. Consequently for businesses, hybrids apps mean lesser maintenance costs.

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