Android P Preview Released: Seize The Opportunity to Revamp Your Mobile Strategy

Android development is a segment in the tech industry that is constantly evolving, speaking of which, a few days back Android’s latest offering Android P was released. Although it is more of a developer’s preview, it serves as a vital opening for businesses looking to make amends to their mobile strategy. As the convention has been set, it features significant additions and changes to the previous versions.

Also recent findings from CIRP ( Consumer Intelligence Research Partners ) have suggested that the brand loyalty of android users is on a steady rise since 2016. Businesses are in a great position of taking advantage of this boom. Taking the android development route is a highly productive way of establishing a mobile intermediary for your customers.

Evolutionary customer engagement

Businesses and enterprises with the help of android apps can revolutionize their engagement with users. With help of android mobile app development the contemporary way, you can readily have your business app tweaked to run on the latest versions without clutter and catch up with your audiences who like to keep their mobile devices up to date.

Making notifications more intuitive

The incentives of android app development services are even higher now with Android P, as notifications are set to become smarter and more nuanced. These new powerful notifications can make your customer targeting more personalized. It will be an interesting spectacle to behold what ways various enterprise think tanks will use to exploit this feature for marketing.

Taking design to the next level

Android P features considerable design variations, if your app has been using the same design for quite sometime, it might be the ideal time to switch to a better one. Everyone is aware how user friendly design plays an important role in building a good reputation among customers. One can easily capitalize on the design changes in the latest android version, by incorporating a mobile app UI that blends in perfectly and while commanding users’ attention on its own. Although there is one thing to be careful about, and that is maintaining good performance levels. Overhauling your app’s design shouldn’t be the cause of any performance issues and bugs. The changes must be implemented with aid of reliable experts or service providers.

More releases are set to follow this year, making it a crucial time for businesses contemplating to have an Android mobile app developed and also those looking to enhance their existing apps. As new benchmarks are being set, development services are going to transform accordingly giving enterprises a better shot at improving their business.

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