5 Trends to Follow for Your Custom Android Game Development Venture in 2018

Custom Android Game Development

The affordability of smart phones and improved Internet penetration have expedited mobile games to reach an astounding $40.6 billion mark globally. Surpassing the expected revenue by over $5billion, it has come across as a welcoming news for the gaming industry.

If you are planning to try your hands in Custom Android Game Development, knowledge of the following trends will help you reach far of places.

Cloud based games

Since cloud is steadily penetrating even our simplest tasks, these games can serve a great way to take the suit forward. Moreover, cloud games help in taking the gaming experience to the next level with custom language as an added incentive. Not only this, with the growing dependence of users on apps, you can create a revolutionary experience and pave your way to glory with the help of Android game app development company.

Multi- player games and Social interaction

Multi-player games have existed since long. The idea of playing with ‘real people’ and not technology named as ‘CPU’ in quite a few cases is much more enticing. In order to make it more interesting, it can be sprinkled with social sharing and interaction with the players you are playing with. It helps the players have a more life-like experience.

Rise of eSports games

According to a Holmes report on eSports trend, the popularity for eSports is on a steady surge and isn’t the least likely to come down in 2018. Rules similar to real sports, exciting gameplay steers real life sports lovers in this direction. If you have not yet been able to decide the type of game you want to build, getting an eSport game developed by an Android game development company would be a good move.

Offline games

There are quite a few successful games that keep the gamers drooling but when these players reach an area with limited Internet access, they get vexed trying to continue playing the game but to no avail. Such scenarios make your users switch to other games that support offline access. Offline games’ popularity can be calculated from the fact that Google Play Store has a category featuring offline games.

Gesture based user interface

The need to click and swipe incessantly while playing games can falter the overall user-experience. With the introduction of new tools and technologies in the app development domain, gesture based UIs help in facilitating a seamless interaction with the game thereby enhancing the overall user experience. Games like Toy Crush have complied with this trend.

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