5 Tips for a Rewarding IoT App Development Endeavour

IoT App Development

With $6 billion investment and nearly 24 billion devices connected to IoT by 2020, to limit Internet of Things (IoT) to merely a mobile development trend would be to undermine its importance. Due to its ability to transform how people will work, travel, entertain, etc., certain industry experts have gone to the extent of calling it a revolution similar to the scale of Industrial revolution.

If you are planning to try your hands in this game-changing venture, the following tips will help you in undertaking IoT application development in the right way.

1. Make Familiarity your Turnkey

IoT is relatively a new realm that is taking the mobile development industry by storm. Organizations are becoming increasingly aware about its use and immense growth potential to render advanced user-experiences. However, if you want your IoT apps to create the intended buzz for your company, it is extremely important to build your app on the premise of familiarity- something that your users can relate with and in a way they have been actually using devices. Trying to create unique user-experiences with the help of out-of the box app elements may work against you.

2. Give Utmost Importance to Security

Whether it is the safety of GPS networks or other sensitive data that can unveil a user’s identity or cause serious security concerns, safeguarding your app against security threats at all stages should be on top priority.

3. Nurture User Trust

Trusting technology to do a task that you were performing till date is not easy. Your user-experience can be a making or breaking point for your app. Try to create elements that help to keep your users engaged while solving the app’s key purpose.

4. Focus on Scalability

With the global IoT market expected to grow from $157 billion in 2016 to $457 billion by 2020 showcasing a compound annual rate of 28.5 per cent, to cater to the dynamic needs of the evolving market, scalability should be a prime concern while developing the app.

5. Make Speed your Weapon

Since IoT apps are aimed at simplifying processes, high speed should be the mainstay of your app. At no point of time should the user become vexed because of low speed.

While undertaking IoT app development it is important to think in terms of speed and scalability because there is much more untapped potential underneath than is visible.

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