Android: Unmatchable App Development Platform

Android is an open source platform which is easy to use and implement. It is a Linux based OS which is developed by Google for Smartphones and offers a wide scope of development for android app developers. A survey concluded that the last quarter of the year 2010 saw a huge increase in the sales figure of Android based Smartphones in comparison to the iPhone.

Android has been appreciated as one of the best existence in the technology sector and has covered a huge market due to its unique characteristics. Like, the basic architecture of Android allows you to publish and share activities, services and data between applications under your personal security settings. Hence, it expands the horizons of the developer and allows him bring in innovations.Android LP

Taking into account the popularity of android in recent times, android app development is also picking up pace. Numerous freelancer and android application development company are developing apps every day. There is no other platform which is so widely used for the development of apps for tablets and Smartphones like android.

Currently, there are 50,000 apps in the android market and the count is increasing with each passing day. The success of android largely depends on the following factors: –

  • It gives simple access to the core of the Android platform.
  • Android helps in the reduction of the development and deployment time of an app significantly.
  • Developers enjoy a high level of convenience and have access to all the information.
  • It also offers superb browser facilities.

Looking at the future prospects in this sector, it is the right time to enter the market and make the most out of android’s popularity. Development of an app is not as easy as installing one. A developer must have the knack of developing an application, must have the right tools and should also be aware of the trends and demands of the market. To make the hectic task of android app development easy for the developers, Google provides a software development kit to them which is the apt weapon to create an outstanding app.

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